We develop new technology. But mostly, we develop your business. So, what can our engineering and entrepreneurial thinking do for you?

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Our Work

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About Us

We swing both ways.

Yip, we don’t stick to one discipline.

Some days we’re Software Engineers. Others we’re App Developers. Sometimes we’re a Tech Firm, then we’re Entrepreneurs and even Business Consultants.

Sometimes we start the day as one discipline and end it as another. It just depends on our client’s needs and what we’re building for them.

We partner with you to:

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    Understand your needs and discover the business opportunity.
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    Brainstorm ideas and build them as test versions.
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    Quickly and scientifically test them to see which one works best.
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    Build it into an awesome solution that grabs people’s attention.

How we work

This is how we roll

Most days, we use a mashup of engineering, tech design and business thinking. And when we work collaboratively with you, it usually looks something like this:

2 Weeks

We put our consultant hats on to completely immerse ourselves in a business problem. Through interviews with domain experts and extensive research we come out with a number of potential starting points for development.

6 - 8 Weeks

We iteratively develop, test and revise versions of the product with actual users. Testing a real product is how we validate our assumptions about the right solution.

4 - 8 Weeks

Once the product has been rigorously revised and validated in concept, we can proceed to the high fidelity build with all the bells and whistles. We do this knowing that each feature of the product has been tested and is necessary.

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